About Us

Performance Gaming is based in Baltimore, Maryland. All of our products are designed by experienced electrical engineers who understand how important performance is for the gaming community. 

We have been avid gamers for our entire livers. We love retro games and were having trouble finding the control boxes and adapters that we need to play our favorite games. We started making our own control boxes and realized there were other people looking for the same thing. Performance Gaming was started to provide the highest quality gaming peripherals with a focus on performance

Dance Dance Revolution Control Boxes:

We here at Performance Gaming want to support the excellent work done by the companies that have manufactured home dance pads over the years. While some companies are no longer in business, other do not manufacture control boxes for all systems. With the rise in computer programs like StepMania many players have been looking for ways to connect their home dance pad to their computer. Fret no more Performance Gaming is here to help by providing high quality custom built control boxes for all platforms.

Raphnet Adapters:

Raphnet is a leading manufacturer of high performance adapters for retro gaming. We proudly distribute raphnet adapters in the United States.

We are constantly working to grow our offerings. If there is a specify item that you would like, fell free to reach out to us at performancegamingllc@gmail.com and we will do our best to make it happen.